Launch Virtual Academy Team

Teachers (Academic Coaches)

Our Academic Coaches are the first point of contact between student/parent and school. Each student at Launch Virtual Academy is assigned to an Academic Coach who provides personalized support based on the student’s academic progress, social, emotional and/or technical needs.

Bilingual (Spanish)

Aubry, Milena


Ballard, Keith


Banos, Ana

World Language (Spanish) / English (Bilingual Spanish)

Champagne, Marie


Clark-Cadwell, Michelle


Claudio, Michael

CTE-Information & Communications Technology

Cox, John

English / Social Science / World Language (Spanish)

Cuellar, Anahi

English / Avid Excel

Cueva, Jannet


De La Cruz, Jose

Math / Physics

Dombrowski, Timothy

Social Science

Escobedo, Adan

CTE-Arts Media & Entertainment / Video Game Design

Gardocki, Ryan

PE / Social Science

Govea, Michael


Guerra, Blanca

CTE-Public Service

Harris, Tere

Social Science

Hermundson, Zachary


Kranzberg, Nicole


Lavie, Sharon


Lehpamer, Monica


Mendez, Priscilla


Neeb, Nicole

AP Language

O’Donoghue Melisa

Prep for success

Pettit, Stephanie


Petty, Kathryn

Physical Education

Preston, William Jr

CTE-Arts Media & Entertainment

Ruston, Diane

PE / English / Health

Santa Cruz, Renae

Social Science

Santoyo, Maria


Song, Carl

Spanish / Math

Vecchia, Alessandra

English / Study Skills

Velliquette, Katherine

ASB Teacher Advisor
CTE-Information & Communications Technology

Virgen, Misael

Social Science / CTE- Arts
Media & Entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Launch Virtual Academy?

    Launch Virtual Academy is a Course-Based Independent Study School using a blended learning pedagogical approach designed for the student and family that wants a flexible program that maximizes choice. It is open to any 7th – 12th grade student that wants their education primarily online. It provides Choice, Flexibility, Personalized Learning, Online and On-Site Activities, Certified Teachers, Engaging Curriculum, Access to On-Site enrichment programs (as conditions allow and safety protocols are in place) including Sports, Visual and Performing Arts, Career Technical Education (CTE) and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM).

  • How is Online Learning at Launch Virtual Academy different than Distance Learning?

    Launch Virtual Academy is an online school. It is not Distance Learning. Launch Academy is an independent study program where student attendance is based on satisfactory course progress, not seat time. There is teacher online instruction (LIVE Academic Sessions) and student collaboration, but less frequent than what students experienced during Distance learning. In regular school the teacher paces the class for all students to be on the same curriculum topics. At Launch Academy students have access to the course content 24/7 and can move faster through the curriculum than regular school. Students at Launch move independently through the course content while teacher monitors, evaluates, and provides support. Launch offers personalized and flexible education for each student.

  • Who can attend Launch Virtual Academy?
    1. Any student  in grades 7th-12th who lives within the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) boundaries.
    2. Any  student in grades 7th-12th who lives outside SUHSD boundaries but obtains an inter-district transfer permit from their current district office.
  • How many classes do students take at a time?

    We operate on a quarter system. Within each quarter, students will take 3 classes (credits). Each quarter class is equivalent to a semester-based class at a comprehensive school. By the end of the academic year students will complete 12 credits (classes) just as they would at a traditional site. Opportunities for advanced credit completion are also available within our quarter system.

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