FAQ: Enrollment

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  • How many classes do students take at a time?

    We operate on a quarter system. Within each quarter, students will take 3 classes (credits). Each quarter class is equivalent to a semester-based class at a comprehensive school. By the end of the academic year students will complete 12 credits (classes) just as they would at a traditional site. Opportunities for advanced credit completion are also available within our quarter system.

  • Can a student enroll in Launch for a couple of months and return to a comprehensive school?

    It is possible. However, since Launch Virtual Academy functions on a quarter system where students take three classes at-a-time, students could be off-track as compared with a comprehensive school. We highly encourage that students that enroll in LVA complete a full school year with us. Our goal is that each student enrolled at LVA will end the school year with at least the same quantity of classes (and credits) as if the student were to be enrolled at a comprehensive school. It is also possible that the student could finish the school year with more credits (accelerate). We recommend you consult with your counselor for more details.

  • Can my child attend Launch Virtual Academy if they have special needs (IEP / 504 Plan)?

    Yes.  Launch Academy is a self-paced independent study program. Before registering with Launch Academy, students with special needs including Individualized Education Program (IEP) and/or 504 Plan should contact your current school’s psychologist and case manager to discuss if this is the best option to deliver the services that are outlined in your child’s IEP/504 Plan.

  • Is Launch Virtual Academy Free?

    Yes. Launch Virtual Academy is a free public school option within the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD). Students will also be provided with a device at no cost.

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