National Teachers Hall of Fame recognizes LVA Music Teacher

by Misael Virgen

Launch Virtual Academy (LVA) music teacher Keith Ballard, is representing the state of California as one of the newest inductees into the 2024 National Teachers Hall of Fame (NTHF).

Driven by his passion for nurturing young minds and fostering a love for music, Ballard’s journey into education began in the Sweetwater Union High School District more than 28 years ago. He has taught mariachi music, steel drum band, African drum ensemble, and currently teaches guitar at Launch Virtual Academy.

2024 National Teachers Hall of Fame educator Keith Ballard.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be recognized alongside so many dedicated educators,” said Ballard.

“I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to represent our school, our district and our state.” he said.

His extraordinary dedication has earned him over 25 teaching awards, including the prestigious Milken National Educator Award. Additionally, Ballard’s classroom programs have been featured in the media over 80 times, including in national broadcasts such as the NBC Today Show, CBS This Morning, and PBS National Television.

Ballard has made significant contributions to the field of education through his extensive research and speaking engagements, including a groundbreaking comparative international education project, which involved visiting 170 K-12 public schools worldwide and his TEDx Talk at Grand Canyon University which emphasized promoting solutions in the U.S. K-12 education system. His adventurous spirit has also lead him to complete feats such as the Alcatraz Swim, world-class rock climbing, skydiving and summiting Mt. Aconcagua.

Furthermore, Ballard’s extensive travel experiences, including visiting schools inside North Korea, demonstrate his commitment to understanding diverse cultures and perspectives. His motto, “The truly educated never graduate,” epitomizes his passion as a lifelong learner.

“Keith’s adventurous and determined spirit, combined with his commitment to the South Bay community, make him a natural fit for our school,” said Launch Virtual Academy School Principal Dr. Jesus Ulloa-Higuera.

“We are proud to have Mr. Ballard, a true Hall of Fame educator, propelling our students into the future,” he said.

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